66th Kyoto Takigi Noh ・ 第66回 京都薪能

I went to the 66th annual “Firelight Noh” at Heian-jingu Shrine. This is an outdoor Noh performance that is held at nighttime and lit with bonfires. It lasts from 5:30pm until 9:00pm on June 1 and 2 every year.


The evening starts just before sundown and then, as it’s getting dark, small fires are lit around the stage.




Each of the two nights includes several Noh plays and a comedic interlude called Kyogen. The program for June 1 this year was…

  1. 逆鉾 Sakahoko (half-Noh)
  2. bonfire-lighting ceremony
  3. 半蔀 Hajitomi (half-Noh)
  4. 菊慈童 Kiku jido (Noh)
  5. 福部の神 Fukube no shin (Kyogen interlude)
  6. 国栖 Kuzu (Noh)

You can read more about the history of Takigi-Noh and the full program for both nights of this year’s Takigi Noh on the ➚ official website.


In my video (below), you can see parts of “Kiku jido” and “Kuzu”.  Here are the plots…


Last year, the English program notes were written up by Diego Pellecchia, a post-doc researcher with the Kongo Noh troupe.  I assume this year’s was as well…



You can read Mr. Pellecchia’s blog called ➚ “The Noh Diaries“.


Last year, I enjoyed going to Takigi Noh with Nick and Naomi, but this year I went alone.  It was different–a little sad and lonely–but enjoyable in its own way.  It was a beautiful night with fine weather.





Check out my links page for links to Noh theaters in Kyoto.  And now on with the show…