first CouchSurfers

When I was traveling through Asia before coming to Japan, I learned about CouchSurfing and signed up.  I wanted to try CouchSurfing all over SE Asia, which would have saved me a lot of money.  However, I was actually able to CouchSurf only in South Korea and Thailand.  In Laos, everybody was traveling, too busy, or something else, and in Singapore my CS hosts just fell through at the last minute, telling me I couldn’t stay with them.  What a bummer!

But my experience in South Korea was great.  My host took me to a jimjilbang, which I never would have found otherwise.  Also, in Thailand, I was able to stay in a very fancy, large house with my own airconditioned bedroom with clean sheets on a large bed.  Wow!

Anyhow, last year when I was a kenshusei, I wanted to host CouchSurfers, but I couldn’t because the apartment Nick and I shared was too small.  But this year, the kenshusei apartment is just right.

Right now, it’s Obon and the hostels are filled up, so people are really looking for places.  I have had over 15 hosting requests this week, and it’s been quite a job to try to maximize the living space here.  However, with Scott gone to Taiwan for Obon, we have been able to use his room.

Here’s the first group of CouchSurfers to stay in the kenshusei house:



This is Anna from France, Ben from England, Aure from France, Daniel from Spain, and Cris from Spain.  Anna and Aure were traveling together, as were Daniel and Cris, and Ben came overland from Cornwall to collect seeds in Hokkaido for his farm.  Pretty amazing.