2014-15 Kenshusei Course begins

This year, I am working 5 days per week at English Buffet, plus I have private students.  I wanted to do the Kenshusei Course again, but (1) I don’t think my knees can handle another year of daily training and (2) my work schedule interferes with keiko times.  So the deal I was generously offered by Payet-sensei is to train several days a week with the Kenshusei and come to ippan classes when I can.

As you know, last year there was 1 Japanese and 2 Americans–Takenaga, Izzy, and me.  This year, there are 2 Japanese, 1 Frenchman, 1 Russian, and 1 American.  Here they are in their pre-course meeting photo.


L-R: Richards, Kitamura, Saegusa, Laurelle, Gusev

They are quite a large bunch.  Richards is as tall or taller than me, as is Kitamura.  Laurelle and Gusev are pretty tall, too, and Saegusa is very fit.

I came to training on the first day of the course having spent the month of March doing nothing, trying to let my knees rest and heal.  I felt pretty bad on that first day.  Here is a video I recorded in my futon, a kind of video blog, I guess.  I sound pretty down, but I am pretty drunk, too.