how to get cheap sashimi in Kyoto

I had a delicious dinner the other night, and all for about $8.  I discovered that the local Life supermarket puts out what I believe to be sashimi-grade cuts of fish that they can’t use.  If you wait until the day is getting old, these get discounted.  Here is what I bought the other night:


This is a tuna ( 鮪・まぐろ maguro) and salmon ( 鮭・さけ sake).  The maguro was also not cut when I bought it.  I had to cut both into bite-sized pieces.  As you can see, these are quite nice-looking pieces of fish, and 40% off!!  The maguro was a similar price, around ¥204.

I have bought discounted fish steaks twice now.  The other time, the salmon had something hard running through the middle–connective tissue of some kind–and tasted a little metallic.  But neither of these steaks had bones, and both were tender and fresh-tasting.  Delicious.

With the sashimi, I paired sake, string beans, and grilled squash.  The squash came pre-cut.  I blanched it and then put it under the flame for a few minutes to dry it out and darken it.

What did my dinner look like in the end?


And the cost?

  • salmon ¥195
  • maguro ¥204
  • string beans ¥73
  • squash ¥59
  • 1/4 bottle sake ¥225

So, about ¥800 in total, or about $8.  This is by far the best way to get cheap sashimi in Kyoto.

The second best way is the conveyor-belt sushi restaurant around the corner from the Kenshusei apartment near the Imadegawa-Jofukuji bus stop.