a good night in Kyoto

It snowed today in Kyoto.  The Kenshusei course is over, so I spent the day inside on the Internet.  I should have gone out, especially to The Temple of the Golden Pavilion 金閣寺 .  It snows in Kyoto so infrequently that when it does snow, people often go there to see it in the snow. However, I was investigating Musashi Ngrams and still hoping to let my knees recover from The Course, so I stayed in.

Tonight for dinner, I am having squash (known generically as “pumpkin” in Japanese-English, although in actual English pumpkin is a specific type of squash), sashimi tuna まぐろ steaks (not pieces of sashimi, but steaks), and half a bottle of locally-produced Kyoto Nihonshu 日本酒 , as the Japanese say (they say Nihonshu rather than sake for rice wine as we do in the West).

  • Half butternut squash = ¥89, or about $1.00
  • Two maguro まぐろ steaks = ¥311, or about $3.50
  • 1/2 bottle of Nihonshu = ¥480, or about $5.00

So, a cheap dinner for Japan, plus booze, plus accompaniment by RadioDerb followed by Edith Piaf.

Relaxing at home, research, Paleo-Japanese cuisine, and reactionary radio.  How could life get any better?