sleeping through a hurricane

This uncompleted, unedited post was originally written for my AikiWeb blog…

On Sunday evening, I rode home from work in the rain. After spreading out my raingear and backpack to dry, showering, and rolling out my futon, I hunkered down with highballs, cheap frozen pizza, and roommate Nick’s laptop. There is no better time to hunker down than when there is a cold rain outside.

So, I wrote my parents that I was “cosy inside with the rain pattering on the balcony.” Eventually, bored of the Interwebs, I went to sleep.

The next morning, I awoke as usual and left the apartment for the typical Monday morning dojo routine, but I found myself leaving the apartment and walking into a slightly surreal world. The rain had stopped, but the world was slick and grey with low-hanging clouds blowing over the horizon. The air had some energy, and there were pieces of houses lying in the street. At first I thought ah, vandals, a shame for them to disturb sleepy Japan. But as I kept riding through one neighborhood after another toward the dojo, I realized the extent of the damage was more than vandals could produce. On Kamanza-dori, that wide boulevard overhung with a canopy of wide, old trees, there were leaves and branches scattered everywhere.

It wasn’t until I got to the dojo and talked with Takenaga and Izzy that I found out a typhoon had swept over Japan the previous night.