Day 20 – bloody white pyjamas

This post originally appeared on my AikiWeb blog…

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw fellow kenshusei Izzy going down in the ukemi for nikajo with a large brown spot on the back of his dogi bottoms. I thought, Oh no! Izzy’s soiled himself! How embarrassing! But it turned out he was bleeding through his dogi.

In the aftermath of 1000-sit-ups-day yesterday, it turns out I’m the only one in the class who didn’t have their lower back or bum rubbed raw by the sit-ups. A quick survey of the class reveals that while I wear travel underwear made from moisture-wicking nylon, everyone else is wearing cotton underwear. Even Carter-sensei had blood soaking through his gi top. Ouch!

First keiko today was ken class, working on attack and parry for yokomen uchi.

I was shinkoku toban (group leader) this week, which meant that, in addition to calling commands for opening and closing rei, I led taiso warm-ups for the whole combined kenshusei and ippan ken class this morning. At lunch, Payet-sensei complimented me on my Japanese. So I was quite happy about that!!

Second keiko was all nikajo. For some reason my knees felt terrific yesterday after the 1000 sit-ups. Izzy said his also felt better, so I’m not crazy. But today, they were back to all pain. My knee caps just feel like to lumps of bruise sitting on the front of my legs.

In third keiko, we worked on some exercises for sankajo ichi and then did the complete waza a couple times towards the end of class.