Day 16 – keiko, Triumph, and pizza

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Identify the hilarious comedy sketch from which this line comes…

“And which of these buttons calls your parents to pick you up?”

…answer at end of post.

I had a pretty decent, outstanding day today, starting off with a passable performance leading taiso warm-ups in Japanese.

The first keiko session included 200 koho ukemi (working up to 1000 or one hour, whichever I don’t know…), “mae mawari ukemi Tabatas” (ukemi as fast as possible for 20 sec with 10 sec rest intervals), and bear-walking on the backs of the hands (yes, it hurts).

Keiko sessions 2 and 3 were all practice of the four waza we have covered so far:
katate mochi shihonage ichi
katate mochi shihonage ni
shomen uchi ikkajo osae ichi
shomen uchi ikkajo osae ni

Crampton-sensei gave us a jo exercise in which both partners hold onto the jo and shite performs something like the motions of shihonage ichi, while uke receives the technique through the jo. It was extremely instructive in showing where we are trying to use strength instead of form.

Crampton-sensei also stepped in to train with us and pointed out some errors you probably couldn’t see but could feel–most importantly that when uke pushes in katate mochi, I tend to push back. When I stopped doing that, my whole body and technique became relaxed, uke became relaxed, and the technique improved considerably.

Finally, as I am the shinkoku toban this week, I was charged with leading shinkoku and received the comment “first correct shinkoku so far this year.”

Shinkoku is the ceremony we perform to open and close training each day. Students line up standing, and the Shinkoku Toban announces:

  1. “Crampton-sensei ni rei”
  2. steps out, bows, and “osu!”
  3. to sensei: “Chris kenshusei hoka ni mei honjitsu no keiko yoroshiku onegaishimasu” (Chris and 2 other kenshusei request training today.)
  4. bows, “osu!”, and steps back into line
  5. “sensei ni rei”
  6. all together: “osu!”

At the end of the day, it is repeated, but with a Thank You instead of a Please.

After training, Crampton-sensei invited us for tea, and I discovered that he could identify the line from the opening of this post!! Amazing. It is from this Triumph the Insult Comic Dog sketch.

After practice, Nick and I went shopping for a present for Carter-sensei’s birthday and then met up with a Scotsman named John who goes to the ippan classes at Mugenjuku. We went out for pizza at Dai’s Kitchen, which does the best pizza I’ve had in Kyoto.