Day 15 – shomen uchi ikkajo osae ni

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My knees were feeling so good on Friday morning at ken class. I thought, “wow, no conditioning class this morning, so my knees are going into waza training fresh and strong. I’m going to have a great day!” Then we started keiko session 2 with koho ukemi practice. Dang.

Today’s waza instruction was entirely by Payet-sensei. It is interesting to have classes taught alternately by Crampton-sensei and Payet-sensei as they have very different teaching styles and focus on very different aspects of the technique.

Crampton-sensei tends to focus on mechanics, as in “don’t do X, or it will do Y to your muscles, and then you won’t be able to do Z.” Payet-sensei tends to focus on form and large principles, as in “X is not correct, so you will be off balance this way… [demonstrates].” They are both valuable instructions, but sometimes when you have 10 things on your plate already, having a new chef add another 5 can be daunting.

I found hajime geiko today to be quite helpful as it really warmed up my knees. Also, when you start getting thrown into the mat in ikkajo osae ni, you think “surely I am going to get scraped, scuffed, bruised, or battered having my face thrown into the mat over and over.” But after you’ve done it at high speed enough times, you start to lose fear of it. I suppose this good for training, but–I would think–dangerous for beginners as well…

Keiko 1 – Friday morning ken class: work on extending and blending with sword and jo

Keiko 2 – koho ukemi, tai no henko ni, review of shihonage and ikkajo osae ichi plus hajime geiko with all three techniques

Keiko 3 – shomen uchi ikkajo osae ni practice and hajime geiko, then bunny hops to finish the day. Bunny hops!!