Day 14 – katate mochi ikkajo osae ichi

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Today was very difficult. I was so tired this morning, that I failed to see anything funny when Nick’s shoe fell into the bucket of water we use for the zokin cleaning rags.

In first keiko, the class didn’t do jiyu waza, we reverted back to the remedial stage of chase-the-wrist game. Then we practiced the ukemi for shihonage. I don’t know what this is like in other styles, but in Yoshinkan, you have to balance on the inner side of your foot, bend at the knees, and get your shoulders down to the mat while making a backstroke-like motion, like this.

The practice for this ukemi is to get as low as you can and hold the position. This means all the force is going through the inside of your legs towards your knees. It is excruciating for me. As the week has gone on, my knees have just gone from bad to worse. Today there were a couple times when I didn’t think I would be able to get up from the floor.

I’m considering finding out if I can get a Synvisc or Cortisone injections in Japan, as these are about the only treatments there are for osteoarthritis, other than NSAIDs, which aren’t doing much for me.

Keiko 1 – chase the wrist game using shomen uchi, shihonage ukemi practice, conditioning exercises.

Keiko 2 – kihon dosa renzoku, katate mochi ikkajo osae ichi introduction

Keiko 3 – katate mochi ikkajo osae ichi practice and hajime geiko