Days 8-10 – starting embu prep


This post originally appeared on my AikiWeb blog…

The rest of last week was spiced up with prepping for an embu in May. At Shiramine-jinja, we are putting on a demonstration of the kihon dosa performed with swords. It is essentially a kata called kihon dosa renzoku. Renzoku means continuous.

So practices this week have been mostly exercises such as practicing shikko ho interspersed with more repetitions of kihon dosa renzoku. Really, coordinating the movements for a demonstration is not more difficult than high school marching, but there are a couple spots where I make a mistake about 50% of the time, so that has to get fixed. Also, hiriki no yosei ni still kills me with its impossible impossibility. I don’t get it.

I was wasting time this morning on the Internet, and I found a video of kihon dosa renzoku. It just happens to be embedded in a video of Mike Tyson visiting the hombu dojo!! This is a Yoshinkan legend, but I had no idea there was actually video of it. Payet-sensei can be seen at 0:07, 1:13, and 9:42. Keep an eye out for Don King, too. Don King in an aikido video!

Kihon dosa renzoku starts at 1:42, unfortunately the middle of the demonstration is cut out of the video, but you get the idea. Before this morning, I thought this kata was something Crampton- and Carter-senseis came up with on the fly for the embu. I wonder how far back it goes…