tachi waza trash

This post originally appeared on my AikiWeb blog…

As I mentioned in the forums a while back, my knees are trash.

Last night, Nick and I went through a fairly short (maybe 3/4 class) round of kihon dosa, but this is the most I’ve done in one shot.

The problem I was having in the beginning was only with seiza and suwari-waza, but now the tachi-waza and especially kihon dosa are really doing a job on knees. But unlike seiza, which still hurts in the back of the knee, kihon dosa hurts in the front, right under the patella (knee cap). It feels as though the patella is going to explode as soon as it starts to take any load. Although we were holding some positions for 30-60 seconds at a pop, I think the thing that really bothered the knees was the last 5 minutes when we did the kihon waza at a higher speed. Then the knees were getting loaded and twisted without so much control.

Today, in morning ippan class, I wasn’t able to perform uke properly for katate mochi sokumen iriminage. Proper uke for that waza is adopting a position similar to shotokan karate’s back stance. In that position, the knee of my back leg simply has no stability any more.

Hopefully, I can get through the Course’s first week or two by hook or by crook and then just start slowly recovering. If my body can’t catch up after the first couple weeks, I don’t see how I can do the techniques properly, let alone the spirit training.