feeling aikido for the first time?

This post originally appeared on my AikiWeb blog…

Ah, the point of blogging about Mr. Ninja, which I forgot to write about last night (see previous post on blogging after gin), was that I think I felt aikido for maybe the first time last night.

A disclaimer: I’m not sure I know what it means to feel aikido, and maybe that’s a totally mistaken concept anyhow. But I did feel something last night that I haven’t felt before in the two months I’ve been training.

That is, Carter-sensei was able to change Mr. Ninja’s nikajo (nikyo) technique from one that worked in a very sloppy and partial way through pain at the wrist to one that worked very effectively to drop me to my knees but with less pain at the wrist.

Carter-sensei frequently talks about making a connection from the joints of the hand to the knee joint, where the actual unbalancing occurs. Wrist-elbow-shoulder-hip-knee-boom-floor! Last night, I was able to feel this connection clearly. Interestingly, Mr. Ninja felt it, too. I could see it in his eyes when I stood up after the technique, and he said he felt like he had a lot more control that time. Yes, I can tell you he did, but, as I said, there was actually much less pain at the wrist.

Unfortunately, Mr. Ninja was only able to make this connection on one repetition out of maybe 20-25. The rest just involved wrist pain. Not so interesting.