an Anglo-American solution

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This is my first post, so it is something of a test-post. Writing on Wednesday, March 13, I am going to attempt to back-date this post to December of 2012 to see if backdating works.

The content here is simply that I am in the throws of a job search in order to find a job that will allow me to stay in Japan so I can complete the Kenshusei Course at the Mugenjuku Dojo in Kyoto.

I’m having a real time of it with plenty of places offering just a few hours per week of work without any Working Visa sponsorship. What I really need is a sponsor who will employ me about 25-30 hours per week. Anyone got any ideas?

I’m starting to get frustrated with the search and the other night went into Yamaya, an import store on Karasuma-dori, where I found Old Crow Kentucky bourbon and Beefeaters gin. I thought it was appropriate to buy both since I am staying with a Brit now. We have an English booze and an American booze for me to drown my sorrows in…

UPDATE: backdating does not work beyond January 1 of the current year.
UPDATE: backdating does not work at all!