Op, op, op, op, Oppa Gangnam style


Normally, I don’t pay attention to pop music.  But one song will be forever seared into my memory.  Gangnam Style was playing all over Asia as I was backpacking through Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand…

Most of my silly ideas about pristine pre-modern life in Mongolia were destroyed by meeting reindeer herders who were listening to hip hop and wearing oversize sunglasses with gold rims.  However, I was still somewhat surprised to hear this song playing all SE Asia.  Was it big in the US?  I have no idea.  For me, it was a partial introduction to the idea that Asia is moving forward with its own version of modern pop culture, derived from but not perpetually derivative of American pop culture.

Ehhhhhhhhhh… sexy lady.  Will I ever forget?  For me, it’s a perverse nostalgia.